Pet Doodies is proud to offer their newest service; Pet Waste Removal for private homes and multi-family communities. Let’s face it, pet waste is the most unpleasant part of pet ownership. The professionals at Pet Doodies will see to it that you can enjoy your pet without the hassle of cleaning up after them.

Our duty is to keep your yard Doodie-free! Once or twice a week, according to your needs. We service your yard by completely removing waste so your lawn is safe and clean for your family to enjoy. After your yard is clean we spray treat the dead grass; so your lawn stays green.


(Contact us for an estimate for any yard over 1/2 Acre)

Weekly                                                $14 (Each Visit)

Twice Weekly                                     $12 (Each Visit)

Bi-Weekly                                           $18 (Each Visit)

One Time                                            $22

(*Rates may vary depending on last time yard was cleaned)


Believe it or not pet waste is the #1 topic of all HOA meetings and tenant comments. Let Pet Doodies be the solution and hear no complaints again!

Please contact us direct @ (843).822. 0695 for reasonable pricing and scheduling.

                     Pet Waste Removal Includes:

- Removal of all doodie off premises.

  1. -Use proper clean sanitized equipment.

  2. -Door knob time sheet advising service is complete.